The EFT X6120 frame is a 1290mm wheelbase hexacopter designed for middle payload and long flight in industrial application uses. The efficiency capacity can reach to 4 to 6kg(8 to 13lbs). With the waterproof body and expanded mounting platform, you can carry different devices with it in different applications. With 5kg (11lbs) payload, the flight time is 20 minutes by 12S 16000mah battery and 30 minutes by 12S 22000mah lipo.

Specifications eft x6120 frame:

Item Brand: EFT
Digonatal wheelbase: 1290mm
Frame weight: 3.18kg
Max. take-off weight: 18kg
Effective Payload: 4-6kg
No-load flight Time: about 40 minutes (12s 16000mah battery)
about 50 minutes (12S 22000mah battery)
5kg Payload flight time: about 20 minutes (12s 16000mah battery)
about 30 minutes (12S 22000mah battery)
For the test data, we use the X6 power system, Pixhack V5+ Plus flight controller and Tattu battery.     

long flight time industrial drone

Main Features eft x6120 frame:

1. Modular Design
The main body of the X6120 drone adopts modular design.  The fuselage frame is integrally formed, with a simplified structure.  Easy to assemble and maintain.
2. Seperate Arm Disassembly
The arm of the X6120 adopts a serparate disassembly desin and ingeniouly designed breakpoints to reduce damage to the parts of crash the drone and reduce maintainance costs.
3. Umbrella Folding 
The X6120 frame adopts classic umbrella folding method, which minimizes the size of the drone after folding, more convenient to storage or carry out.
4. Quick Release Battery Track
The X6120 drone battery track cooperates with the spring posioning knob to realize the tool-free replacement of the battery compartment, more convenient to use.
5. Full Waterproof Body
The design of the whole drone is dustproof and waterproof, and the protection grade is IP65, which can fly in the rain.
6. Expanded Mounting Platform
The X6120 is capable of different mounting platforms, such as the gimbal, Pod, magaphone, releasing devices and etc.

Frame Kit Package Included:
EFT X6120 Light Weight Hexacopter Frame Kit x 1


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