Pixhawk orange cube with Here 3 GPS


This pixhawk orange cube combo includes the Hex Aero Cubepilot Pixhawk Orange+ Cube plus the ADS-B Carrier Board, Here 3 GNSS receiver, and cable set!

The Cube Orange is a leap forward in technology compared to the Cube black. It uses the new STM32H7 chip, which is 4 times faster than the SMT32F4 in the Black Cube. Also, some sensors in the Cube Orange are much better than those in Cube Black. Cube orange can only be used with APM firmware, although the Cube black can be used with both APM and PX4 firmware.

This combo set comprises three main components:

  1. Cube Orange:

    • Targeted towards education, drone enthusiasts, and professionals seeking cost-effective flight control hardware.
    • Features a new generation H7 processor for improved performance, faster processing, and enhanced security with triple redundant sensors and temperature-controlled shock absorption IMU.
    • Cube Orange, when paired with flight software, can transform any remotely controlled aircraft, helicopter, or multi-rotor vehicle into a professional UAV platform.
  2. ADS-B Carrier Board:

    • This standard carrier board includes a 1090MHz ADS-B receiver, enabling the software to receive information about the location of manned aircraft in the vicinity.
    • Mission Planner can access details such as position, altitude, speed, and more.
    • You have the option to configure the Cube to automatically avoid aircraft within a specified exclusion zone.
  3. General Pixhawk 2.1 Cube Key Features:

    • Incorporates an IMU Heating system, allowing for flights in extreme sub-freezing temperatures.
    • Features robust DF17 Interface connectors for enhanced drop and shock resistance.
    • Compatible with various airframes, including VTOL, Plane, Multicopter, Traditional Heli, Rover, Boat, Sub, and General Robotics.
  4. HERE3+ (Here+ V3):

    • The Here3+ GPS is a high-precision GNSS system with support for RTK navigation mode and CAN protocol.
    • Designed to be dust-proof and splash-proof, featuring an STM32F302 processor for faster processing and improved reliability.
    • Equipped with built-in sensors, including a compass, gyroscope, accelerometer, and status LED, and operates on the Chibios real-time operating system.
    • Offers cost-effective high-precision GNSS capabilities, achieving centimeter-level positioning accuracy in ideal conditions.
    • Boasts signal LEDs with enhanced visibility and a more robust design.
    • Utilizes CAN protocol for high data rates, noise immunity, and real-time features.
    • Features a complete set of Inertial Measurement Unit components, satisfying advanced navigation requirements.
    • Supports easy updates from Mission Planner and ground control station compatibility.


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