T-DRONES Ares 6S 30000mah High Discharge Polymer Battery


  • T drones Ares 30000mah Semi-Solid Li-Ions offer greater energy density over Li-Po in the region of 30-35% – Energy Density of ~ 250Wh/Kg
  • The ARES series can be discharged at unto 8C, it is recommended that the maximum constant discharge does not exceed 5C. and charging for maximum capacity is 0.4C.
  • Solid state batteries should be used to increase the flight time of already efficient Drones, such as multirotor already flying for 30 minutes or for Fixed-Wing.
  • These batteries are recommended for the T-Drones M series, check the drone listing for which version of the batteries and how many match the drone.

T Drones Ares 30000mah Specifications

  • Energy – 666Wh
  • Connector – XT90-F
  • Dimensions – 210x90x68
  • Weight – 2570g
  • Continuous Discharge 5C (150A)
  • Max Discharge 300A
  • Full Charge @ 10A
  • Max Charge Current – 15A

Working Temperature

  • Charge 0 ~ 45 C
  • Discharge -10 ~ 65 C

Ares T-Drones 6s 30000mah li-ion solid state drone battery 0




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