Tattu 6s 28000mAh 22.2V 25C 6S1P Lipo Battery


Tattu 28000mAh 6s 25C LiPo Battery: Redefining RC Power

Discover the extraordinary Tattu 28000mAh 6s 25C LiPo Battery—a game-changer for RC enthusiasts. Elevate your drone flights, RC hobbies, and professional projects with unmatched power and endurance. Let’s delve into this battery’s remarkable specifications, standout features, and why it surpasses the competition.


Ample Capacity: Firstly, with an impressive 28000mAh capacity, this battery extends your flight times, allowing for longer aerial sessions. Additionally, it lets you capture more footage.

Steady Voltage: Secondly, operating at a reliable 22.2V voltage, the Tattu LiPo battery guarantees consistent power output. This ensures stable performance whether you’re racing, filming, or exploring.

Impressive Discharge Rate: Thirdly, with a formidable 25C discharge rate, this battery delivers a steady, robust power supply. Consequently, it’s perfect for high-speed maneuvers and demanding tasks.

Efficient Cell Configuration: Fourthly, the Tattu battery features a 6S1P cell setup. Consequently, this maximizes efficiency, power output, and overall performance for your RC applications.

Tattu 6s 28000mah Features:

Cutting-Edge LiPo Technology: Firstly, Tattu integrates advanced lithium polymer (LiPo) technology. This technology is renowned for its high energy density, minimal self-discharge, and lightweight design.

Safety as a Priority: Secondly, equipped with safeguards against overcharge, over-discharge, and short-circuits, this battery prioritizes safety. It allows you to focus on your RC activities without worry.

Built for Durability: Thirdly, the Tattu LiPo battery’s robust construction ensures durability, even in challenging environments. This enables you to push the boundaries of your RC adventures.

Versatile Compatibility: Lastly, designed to fit a wide range of RC devices, drones, and models, this battery seamlessly integrates with your existing equipment.

Unleash Your RC Potential

Unlock the full potential of your RC adventures with the Tattu 28000mAh 25C LiPo Battery. Its substantial capacity, stable voltage, and impressive discharge rate make it the premier choice for enthusiasts seeking dependable, long-lasting power. Elevate your RC game with Tattu today!


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